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Too Cool For School! The 3 Best T-Shirt Fabrics For This Summer

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School is almost out for the summer, and that means the temperature in Queensland is rising rapidly. As a new resident of the state, you are not yet aware of just how hot parts of Queensland can get, but you will quickly find out. Since Queensland temperatures are mild throughout the year, you need to invest in clothing designed to keep you from feeling the heat. Before you head out and start buying t-shirts willy-nilly off the rack, be mindful that not all t-shirt fabrics help you to keep your cool. However, here are three t-shirt fabrics that which are a must for your updated wardrobe.

1. Can't Beat Cotton

Pure cotton t-shirts are the must-have for your summer wardrobe. Cotton is a fibre found naturally as it is grown in fields. Once picked and processed, a cotton fibre has a weave with tiny holes between each fibrous piece. Air can flow through the holes, and that helps to keep your body cool. The air moves through the fabric, past your skin and helps evaporate sweat moisture built up on your body.

2. Ravishing Rayon

If you are looking for an alternative to cotton, another great choice is t-shirts made out of rayon. Rayon is not a natural fibre like cotton. Instead, it is a fibre which is manufactured from cellulose which is mainly taken from wood pulp. Rayon is manufactured to feel like other fabrics such as cotton, silk and linen. Because it is not a natural fibre, rayon does not absorb your sweat as well as cotton does. However, it is thinner than cotton, which means t-shirts and shirts made of rayon sit lightly on your body frame.

3. Lovely Linen

Linen is another natural fibre like cotton; however, linen comes from the flax plant. Linen is the strongest natural fibre found on the planet, which means clothing made from this fabric is durable. Another great thing about linen is that it can absorb up to 20% of moisture before you notice that it feels damp. This makes it an ideal fabric for a hot climate.

As you can see, cotton, rayon and linen are the three fabrics you need to be searching for while you are updating your summer wardrobe for a life in Queensland. If you have any difficulty in finding new women's t-shirts, talk to your local clothing store because they have further information about how best to stay cool now that you are living in a tropical climate.