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Small But Important Details to Remember When Choosing Hospital Scrubs

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If you work in the healthcare industry, you may be allowed or even required to purchase your own healthcare uniforms or scrubs. While these garments may not seem very detailed, and the brands you choose from may not seem very different, there are some important details you don't want to overlook when shopping. This will ensure you're happy with those scrubs and are comfortable and safe while working:

Chest pocket

Chest pockets are good for holding pens, small notebooks, your phone, and the like, but all of these items can actually put stress on your neck and shoulders, and easily fall out when you bend over a patient. They can also get in the way of a stethoscope you have around your neck, and women with larger bust lines may find that the pockets don't sit flat enough to hold their items and accessories. Instead, consider a patch pocket, which is a pocket that is placed lower on the shirt, along its hemline. These are out of the way and may also be taller, so they can hold more items.


A white uniform is very traditional for doctors and nurses, but it's fallen out of favour in recent years because of how easily white shows stains and discoloration, as do lighter colours like pink or baby blue. If you're allowed to choose your own colours for scrubs, opt for dark brown, maroon, or even black, as these won't show stains so easily.

Length of top

Longer tops won't ride up the back as easily when you bend over, so they're good for modesty. However, tops that are too long may actually get in the way of moving patients during a transfer. Consider your everyday responsibilities and opt for a length of top that would work to keep you covered without being a hazard.

Trend and style

There's nothing to say that your scrubs shouldn't be trendy and stylish, as feeling good about your appearance and wardrobe can make you feel better about your job! Choose tops that are more tapered around the waist and pants that fit snugly rather than plain and boxy pieces, and opt for a stylish geometric print rather than something floral and outdated. Embroidery or added stitching around the neckline and pockets can also make your scrubs look stylish and not so plain; if safe for your job, consider faux zippers, metal buttons, and other such accessories that will keep your uniform from looking drab and dull.